To ensure a seamless procedure, dealing with long-term disability claims entails several steps. Here is a list of steps you can undertake:

Review your policy: Understand the terms and conditions, coverage limitations, and the definition of disability in your insurance policy. This will make it easier for you to comprehend the requirements necessary to establish entitlement when submitting a claim.

Collect medical records: Gather all pertinent medical information, such as doctor's reports, diagnostic tests, and other proof of your disability. These documents will assist in establishing the nature and degree of your disability.

Let your insurance company know: You should let your insurance provider know you want to make a long-term disability claim. As stated in your insurance, follow their particular claim reporting processes and timelines. Give them the pertinent information, including your policy number, contact information, and advise when your impairment started.

Fill out all claim forms: You must fill out claim forms that your insurance provider will give you. Be sure to provide precise and thorough facts regarding your handicap, medical treatments, and other pertinent information. In your responses, be comprehensive and honest.

Obtain evidence for your claim: Ask your medical professionals, such as your doctors, specialists, and therapists, to present you with written letters or reports. These should explain the effects of your disability on your capacity to work. They should also emphasize the supporting medical data and detail how your impairments interfere with your ability to work.

Keep lines of communication open: Keep in touch with the claims adjuster for your insurance provider and do not delay in providing any further information or supporting evidence that may be requested. Record every conversation, including the times, dates, and names of the people you speak with at the insurer.

Think about legal counsel: Consult a lawyer who specializes in disability claims if your long-term disability claim is denied. Our personal injury lawyers at Wolf Kimelman are experts in long-term disability claims in Toronto and GTA. Our long-term disability claims lawyers will be there every step of the way. We will provide you with sound legal advice, deal with the insurance provider on your behalf, and, if necessary, stand in for you in court.

To successfully manage the long-term disability claims procedure in Toronto and the GTA, it is crucial to carefully analyze your policy and speak to our long-term disability lawyers at Wolf Kimelman. Book your complimentary consultation here.


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