Legal claims between a person hurt on the property owned or occupied by another individual or business and the property owner are typically called slip-and-fall settlements. Our expert Toronto personal injury lawyers at Wolf Kimelman can help you achieve a successful slip-and-fall settlement.

It is important to remember that slip and fall settlements might differ significantly based on the particular case and the seriousness of the injuries. Our personal injury lawyers know the nuances of slip-and-fall settlements in Toronto and the complexities of the law in Ontario.

The following factors could have an impact on the settlement sum:

Liability: The extent of the property owner's negligence is important in determining the possibility of settlement. The injured party's case is strengthened, and the potential payment amount may increase, if the property owner's fault is clearly established on the evidence.

Damages: The extent and seriousness of the injuries arising from the incident are important considerations. Medical expenditures—including rehab charges and ongoing treatment—are considered when determining compensation. Damages can also include lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and any other relevant damages.

Contributory negligence: In Ontario, the amount of compensation may be impacted by the injured party's own negligence or fault in the accident. Compensation may be decreased if it is found that the injured party contributed to the accident in some way.

Insurance: The settlement may also be influenced by the property owner's insurance policy's availability and coverage limits. Different occupiers have different types of insurance ie. residential versus commercial owners.

It is important to speak with a personal injury lawyer with experience handling slip-and-fall cases to fully grasp the unique circumstances that might be relevant to your case. Our Toronto personal injury lawyers at Wolf Kimelman can advise you based on the specifics of your situation and assist you in negotiating a just settlement.

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